You might not think that having a Will is really necessary, but you really ought to think again. Did you know that if you don’t have a Will in place, the courts will decide what happens to your assets? Without a Will, your wishes won’t be taken into account. 

Just take a moment to think about what that could mean for your partner, your children, or even your pets… If you want to be in control of what happens after you pass away, then it’s your responsibility to have an up-to-date will in place. 

The fact is that no one likes to think about their death – the idea of leaving your loved ones behind isn’t a nice thought, is it? However, death is the one thing in life that is – sadly, at one point or another – guaranteed. We are all born and we all die, and that’s just a fact of life. 

If you don’t have a Will in place when you die, you will have no say over what happens to your money, your property, or even your children. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to put a Will in place, ensuring that your wishes are taken into account in the event of your death. 

Still not convinced that making a Will is an important step to take? 

Here are some of the reasons that you really should consider making a Will: 

1. A Will provides financial security for your loved ones – you get to determine how your money is split and where it goes. This could mean putting funds into savings accounts for your children to help protect their future, for instance.  

2. A Will allows you to make gifts of possessions and money – you can decide who your belongings and savings go to. 

3. Having a Will in place means that your beneficiaries will pay less inheritance tax. 

4. A Will ensures that you are able to appoint guardians for your children – you may hate the idea of leaving your little ones behind, but by appointing guardians for them who you trust, you can ensure that no matter what happens, they will be properly taken care of. 

5. Having a Will in place helps to avoid inheritance disputes – the last thing that you want should something happen to you, is for your family or friends to fall out over your assets, which is why having a Will in place is so important. 

6. You can share your wishes for your funeral – a Will allows you to share your wishes for your funeral, helping to make planning your funeral easier and less stressful for your family and friends. 

7. A Will allows you to put arrangements in place for your pets – The idea of your beloved pets ending up without a loving home is heartbreaking, isn’t it? However, by putting plans in place for your pets’ future in your Will, you can ensure that your ‘fur babies’ are looked after, regardless of what happens to you. 

Making a Will gives you the opportunity to take control of your affairs in the event of your death, despite no longer being around. Ensure that your loved ones are protected, and your wishes are met by having a professional Will in place.